Boomer's from a Champion Italian Stokerybos Bernese Mountain Dog bloodline with his handsome large build and smooth shiny black coat. Adorning the traditional Swiss Berner white cross on his chest.

He's quite the stud !

Boomer's  our class clown.

Mr. Personality, always up for a game of tug a war with a favorite toy, wrestling or playing tag with his daughter Ally, followed by a nap.

A tall agile boy, Boomer "Bring It On", lives up to his name.

He's smart and very sensitive.

Like all our pups, Boomer has the greatest friendly and happy temperament, lots of fun !!


Princess Bella Lugosi, is our princess with an extensive Champion Bernese Mountain Dog Xander bloodline.

Often seen sitting in a lawn chair watching over her kingdom.

Bella loves to hang out in her kennel with a blanket and chew on her bone, to pass the time, sometimes upside down. (See Bella and puppy Ally's pic in the our puppy gallery) 

She's always the first to wake all the pups up from napping with a wiggle dance, saying it's time, let's go play !

A beautiful, happy, smart, playful girl with the shiniest  black coat and traditional Swiss Berner white cross on her chest, as all our pups have.

We love having this truly traditional marking in our pups!

Surely inherited from the Champions in her bloodline. 

Bella is very affectionate, wanting only to be by your side.


Betty Boop "Boop" is the sweetest, sensitive cutie and mom to our 2019 litter of 11 puppies...

Boop loves to chew on her bone to pass the time, if not napping or playing with the other pups.

She is particularly fascinated watching the wild bunnies in the upper yard and bird watching.

I call her our "Retro" Dog with her tufts of white on her back.

Her markings are eye catching with her gorgeous tail, wider blaze, adorning the traditional Swiss Berner white cross on her chest. 

With European Champion Bernese Mountain Dog  bloodlines from Switzerland, Hungry, Belgium and Russia, she and her sister Bat Girl "Bat" are true treasures in our family.


Bat Girl "Bat" with her markings of a mask, is a very smart, obedient, sweet girl.

Often smiling, sometimes serious. Bat implores you to pay attention to her with her constant talking, in a deep growling voice.

Bat helps me bring all the Nyla Bones out into the yard from the sleeping kennels each day, along with Boomer,  Bella and puppy niece "Ally".

Bat has a playful deep growl, while she and Boomer are playing keep away with a favorite bone.

Bat has the Swiss legacy look of the sturdy powerful draft dog.

A beautiful  black shiny sleek  coat and gorgeous tail.

Her blaze adorns the Swiss Berner white cross on her chest. 

With European Champion Bernese Mountain Dog  bloodlines in Switzerland, Hungry, Belgium and Russia, she and her sister Betty Boop "Boop" are true treasures in our family.

Princess Bella

Sisters Bat & Boop

Let's Play

Axle 2-10-19

Boomer "Snow Angel"


Axle is our mature leader of the band of crazy pups.

He's a wonderful boy, the best all round dog you could ever have. 

Obedient, extremely smart, quiet, patient, sensitive and affectionate.

Mentoring the pups, keeping them in line,

while really enjoying their company and playful ways.

Axle loves to run along with the four and hangs out with them, they love him too ! 

A gentle giant, unless you are the UPS or Mail carrier.

Then his huge bark and I mean HUGE lets you know he's not happy you're coming onto his property.

Axle comes from a very long Championship Bernese Mountain Dog bloodline of Washington State, in the Seattle area.

He's large, a handsome boy with a beautiful shiny black coat and gorgeous tail.

Axle is the most wonderful dog!

In Loving Memory of


Our Beloved Axle


Seattle Area - Washington State
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