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BERNERS are working dogs.

P.S. this is not photo shopped.

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NO steps for Berners, except for sitting.

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 In loving memory of beautiful  "Bernai" , my 1st Bernese Mountain Dog

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Berners get warm in the house.  Provide a cool place to sleep.

WP_20190106_13_40_28_Pro 1.jpg

Berners love hanging  out with you.

WP_20190106_13_37_31_Pro 1.jpg

Watch for those pesky phobias.

WP_20190106_13_38_00_Pro 1.jpg

Berners don't naturally know how to swim.

WP_20190106_13_37_14_Pro 1.jpg

The best of times for Bernese, "Bernai 1984"

WP_20190106_14_06_49_Pro 1.jpg

  Provide shade for your Bernese.

A cool place, out of the sun.

WP_20190106_12_40_32_Pro 2.jpg

Berners like other  family pets.  

WP_20190106_13_39_44_Pro 1.jpg

Berners love a snow day !

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