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Bella Berners Ranch Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies


of the BERNESE


Bernese Mountain Dogs origins date back to Stone Age farms in Switzerland, 4,000-1800 B.C.

 This strong, obedient, self reliant dog guarded and protected the farm and family. Used as a draft dog for milk wagons and helping Alpine herders.

 These true Swiss Alpine herding dogs are the oldest living breeds in Switzerland. By 1870 these common farm dogs almost disappeared for the popularity of new breeds. 

The early farm dogs remained pure in the upper mountain valleys in the southern region of Berne, Switzerland.

In 1890 this hard working farm dog would be seen at cheese huts, pulling milk carts and basket weavers carts to market and herding livestock.

In 1892 a Bernese Mountain Dog was purchased from a basket weaver, the awakening of the breed began.

April 12, 1937 the AKC recognized this new breed into the Working Group.

In the 1940's it was felt necessary to introduce new blood into the line. 

Farmers had bred the dogs as insecure, shy, aggressive watch dogs with poor temperaments, allowed to roam free at night to keep vagabonds away from the property and family.

Supposedly by accident, a Bernese Mountain Dog was breed with a Newfoundland in 1948.

The Bernese Mountain Dog we love today was born with cross breeding from 1948 to 1952. 

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