Characteristics & Personality

Berners are wonderfully obedient,   

wanting to please, once trained. 

     Training is challenging, as these dogs       are so smart and stubborn !

 Training Bernese Mountain Dogs, as puppies, pack your patience. Clowns, it's all a game.

Hiding in their kennel, when they know they messed up or sneaking to chew on an empty bowl, blanket or their human's favorite shoe !!  

Bernese Mountain Dogs love to run and play outside for a short time, then ready for a nap.

Berners are tolerant of strange dogs. He will ignore the neighbor dog barking all day. Your Berner figures what's the point ?

A Berner is protective of his yard and family. He will deliver a good round of hefty barking, if warranted.

 Berners are emotionally stable, noting, phobias can develop, important to counter these quickly!

Berners are great with kids, a wonderful loving family pet, including great company for a single person!

Berners are roamers NOT runners !

Bernese Mountain Dogs are fun loving, goofy pups, the class clown, with owners positive socialization.

 Berners are apprehensive and can be suspect of strangers. Always introduce new children and adults thoughtfully and slowly with caution !

Sprinters NOT joggers or Frisbee chasers. You may get a Berner to fetch the ball or toy once, then he figures it's your turn. A Berner would rather be working pulling a cart.  

   Berners are at home in the snow, remember, these dogs can't take the heat. Berners are subject to heat stroke. Provide shade, a cool clean bowl of water, maybe air conditioning.

Berners only want to be with you, they do not tolerate being left alone or outside in a kennel for long periods of time. 

Berners are extremely faithful and sensitive. A raised voice can crush them.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very consistent  in their behaviors, good & bad, stubborn in making changes. 

   Berners have a gorgeous double coat.

Making them conditioned for very the cold. 

   There is lots brushing and shedding !!  

The best toy for a Berner is a very tough  Black Kong Bone or Nyla Bone. Soft squeaky toys, ropes to chew on NO! These dogs are vigorous chewers. 

 Bernese Mountain Dogs are very smart, amazing you with their ability to learn and follow voice commands.

Often making decisions on their own, to do as you have trained them. Responding to casual conversations.

  Berners are quiet indoors, after those crazy puppy months, sleeping next to you on their blanket or sofa.

Traits & Fun Facts

Bernese Mountain Dogs were recognized in 1937 by the AKC, placed in the Working Group 

Boy Berners average height 23-27 inches, weight 80-110+ pounds.

Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred with Newfoundland Dogs in 1948 

 Girl Berners average height 21-26 inches, weight 75-90+ pounds.

 Berners cannot tolerate  excessive sun & heat!

Berners love the water,  but don't know how to swim, you must teach them. 

 Berners LOVE the snow !

Berners have a double coat to keep them warm in coldest weather.

 Berners are leaners against their favorite humans.  

 Berners are smilers.
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