Berner Tips + Nostalgic Pics

   BERNERS are working dogs.

 P.S. this is not photo shopped.

   NO steps for Berners,

     except for sitting.

 In loving memory of Bernai

 1st Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners get warm in the house, 

provide a cool place to sleep.

  Berners just love to 

   hang out with you.

  The best  of times

     for a Berner ! 

Berners like other

    family pets. 

 Berners just want to

  hang out with you.

   Watch for those

    pesky phobias.

    Berners love a

      snow day !

     Give your Berner        shade out of the sun

  Berners don't naturally

     know how to swim.
Seattle Area - Washington State
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